A typical feature of website homepages is a carousel, prominently showcasing selected pages one at a time.
The Flipbook app in Aiir lets you manage a single carousel per website with ease.

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In case you wondered...
The name 'Flipbook' was invented by us at a time when there wasn't a universally recognised name for a homepage carousel!

Managing Flipbook items

The Flipbook app makes it easy to add, edit and remove items.


By default the items will appear in the order they appear in the list, which you can re-order by dragging and dropping. 

Alternatively you can set all the items to appear in a random order, and optionally fix a number of items to the top. The random order of items is chosen when you load the webpage, but we cache pages for a short period, so you might not see them change on every refresh.


Each item can be scheduled to appear or disappear on a specified date and time. Upcoming items are shown in blue and expired items appear in red. If you prefer to keep expired items for future re-use, you can enable the option to Hide expired items. They will remain hidden from the list until you disable this option.


If your website features  localisation functionality, you can specify which locations each item should appear in.

Customising the appearance of the Flipbook

The appearance of the carousel varies depending on your website's design.
For customers with access to Template Builder, you may be able to customise aspects of carousel in the Theme Settings section.
If you don't have Template Builder, there are no further options available.
If your website has been designed in such a way that the number of items which are displayed can be changed, you'll see an option in the Flipbook app.

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