Push Notification Troubleshooting

How push notifications work changed with the mid-2020 update to our mobile apps. Please see the relevant information below for your version of our apps.

Apps created or updated mid-2020 onwards

Push notification handling should be more robust in our newer apps. Unlike the previous version, notifications now also appear if the app is open at the time.

This update to our apps brought the ability to send web URLs via notifications, which when tapped open the app and then open the webpage. However this functionality doesn't currently work if the listener already has the app open on their screen at the time.

Listeners can go to the Settings screen in the app to manage their notification preference. On iOS, a link is provided to the iOS Settings app as push notifications have to be managed there.

Most problems can be resolved by toggling notifications off and on again.

Apps last updated before mid-2020

There are a couple of common reasons why a particular listener may not have received a push notification to your app:

  1. The listener is running the app in the foreground when the push notification is sent
    On iOS, if the application is visible on the screen when the push is received, it is not shown.
  2. The user never agreed to the permission prompt when first running the app
    Without permission at an operating system level, we cannot deliver push notifications to that app. The only way to resolve this issue is to uninstall and reinstall the app and accept the request at startup.

If you believe you're experiencing an issue and both of these issues have been ruled out, please contact us and we can look in to this further for you.

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