Integrating third party traffic data providers

We have built integration with GTN/Inrix in the UK. We're not able to offer integration with other traffic suppliers at this time, but you are free to source widgets and embed them into pages on your website if you wish.


Inrix, formerly known as Trafficlink, are a provider of real time traffic and travel information to broadcasters.

Until 2018, they would provide an XML feed on request, which we could integrate in to your website and mobile apps. We understand that Inrix are no longer able to offer this XML feed for new customers, but feeds used by existing customers will continue to function.

Inrix provide an alternative solution in the form of a widget which can be embedded into a page using an 'iframe' tag. You should enquire with Inrix directly how this should be set up. If you opt to use this, there is no need to use our Traffic platform app - you can instead create a page in Page Manager and embed the code that way.