What should I do if posting to Facebook has stopped working?

Facebook can prevent Aiir from being able to post messages to Facebook, or display posts and replies in Studio Inbox for several reasons.

You can identify the issue by going to Aiir's main menu, selecting Admin, and then 'Add or remove Social Accounts'. You'll need to be an administrator to reach this.

Any social accounts with issues will show a red 'Invalid' label.

On the list of connected social accounts, any invalid ones will include a button that says 'Why?' which will take you to Meta's troubleshooting page and reveal the error, which is usually something like:

Error validating access token: The session has been invalidated because the user changed their password or Facebook has changed the session for security reasons.

This issue can happen because: 

  • The Facebook account holder who originally added the page to Aiir has changed their Facebook password. 
  • ...or they are no longer an administrator of the Facebook page.
  • ...or they have added the Facebook page again in Aiir but for a different organisation.

Instead of removing the invalid accounts, add them again to re-authenticate the connection with the social network.

Removing a social network will remove it completely from Social Publisher and Studio Inbox.

Leaving the 'invalid' account in the list and re-adding it will allow you to retain any existing features which rely on it, such as columns you may have set up in Studio Inbox.

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