Why does my Android app not appear in Google Play's search results?

If you have a new Android app, you might find you can't find it in Google Play's search results.

This is a common problem, not unique to Aiir's apps, and we know it can be incredibly frustrating. We share your pain!

Surprisingly, Google Play's search is notoriously poor at finding new apps.

One theory is that an app's rank in search results is partly based on the number of downloads its had, which might seem like a bit of a "chicken and egg" situation.

Unfortunately, there isn't anything Aiir are able to do about an app's appearance in Google Play search results. The only information we are given is that the app is "available on Google Play". At this point, an app does have a dedicated page on Google Play, which you can reach directly if you know the URL.

You can then share this URL on your website and social media, to start the ball rolling with downloads. This should then hopefully increase its ranking in the search results over time.

If you have further concerns, you can contact Google via the Google Play Console. Unfortunately Aiir are not able to do this on your behalf as we are not the account holder.

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