The Blogs app in Aiir lets you create and manage blogs on your websites and mobile apps.

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Blog posts

We refer to a 'blog' as a series or container of multiple 'blog posts'. When you create a blog in Aiir, it will initially be empty, until you add your first post!

Posts always appear in chronological order - you can't re-order them. You can schedule them to appear or disappear though.

The content of a post can contain almost anything you like, including images and 3rd party embeds like YouTube clips.

Each post has a 'tease' which is a short description or summary of what the post is about, plus a thumbnail image.


Blog posts support our  comments system, which places a comment section at the bottom of each post page.

Adding a blog to a station

Each blog can be added to one or more stations. You can do this when you create a blog, or at any time later by going to the "Settings" section of a blog.

Once a blog is linked with a station, only people who have been given access to that station will be able to edit or delete it, or add posts.

To add or remove blogs on each station, go to the Stations section of the Blogs app.

You can change the order they appear on your website or mobile app. You can also toggle the visibility of a blog. A hidden blog is still accessible on your website, but it doesn't appear on the blogs index page.


If your website supports  localisation, you can select whether a blog will appear on the blogs index page for a person's location preference. We don't support localisation at the individual blog post level.


Each blog has an RSS feed which is automatically generated. You'll find the link to it within Aiir, at the top of the blog page on your website, and in a meta tag so that search engines and browsers can find it too.

The feed contains up to 30 of the most recent posts.

A JSON feed is also available - contact us if you need access to it.

Embedding blogs

We recommend linking directly to a blog's page, rather than attempting to embed a blog directly into another page. 

You can however use  Template Builder to include blog posts in content areas.

Customising the layout of blogs

You can change the layout of blogs on your website. To do this, head to the Stations section of Blogs, and tap the "Settings" link next to the station. 

If parts of your blogs aren't appearing correctly, it may be that these options have been enabled but not completed correctly. Try turning off the 'Enable this' option for both custom formats.

Live blogs

Our blogs app doesn't support 'live' or auto-updating blogs. 

If this is what you're looking for, you should seek a 3rd party solution and embed it into a page on your website.

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