Why isn't my stream playing in the latest update to Chrome?

Browsers are releasing updates (notably Chrome) which enforce that when a website uses HTTPS (URL begins "https://") then all the content loaded on the website must also use HTTPS.

Historically they have permitted "mixed content" which means things like images and audio not using HTTPS would still load, but you would see a warning in your browser, as these were deemed to be a low risk to users.

With the latest update to Chrome, if your website uses HTTPS but your stream doesn't, it won't play.

You can check this by seeing if your stream URL begins "http://" but your website URL begins "https://".

To fix this you can:

  • Speak to your streaming provider to see what they recommend. They may give you a different HTTPS URL to use instead.
  • Try adding the 's' in to your existing stream URL to see if it works. You can try this in your browser first before putting it live on your website, by copying the stream URL and pasting it in to your browser's address bar, updating http to be https.

To update the stream URL on your website, go to the Aiir main menu, then either the Aiir Player or Radioplayer section depending on which you use, then select your station's player. For Radioplayer, you then need to select the "Web Player" tab where you'll find the stream URL field.

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