How do I change stream URLs? What if I change streaming provider?

Once your website or mobile app has been launched, you may later change your streaming provider. This usually means that the URL (the address) to your stream changes, which means you need to change settings within Aiir so your listeners can continue to listen to your station. Alternatively, you may remain with the same provider but they request that you update references to a new stream URL. Both of these events require the same common tasks to be performed.

Ideally, you would ask your new provider to run your new stream whilst your existing stream was still running, allowing your to gracefully migrate everything without losing listeners.


The main thing to change for your Aiir website is the stream URL for your live player(s) or external player:

  • If you use Radioplayer, you change this in the Radioplayer app. Select your station, then select the Web Player tab. You'll see the stream URL field. Also check the Mobile App tab too to see if you have entered any stream URLs there.
  • If you use our Player, head to the Player app within Aiir. Select your station and you'll see the stream URL field.
  • If you use an externally hosted player, such as one provided by your streaming provider, go to the Stations app in Aiir, select your station and then scroll down to the Website section where you can change the player URL.

Mobile App

To change the streaming details for a station in a mobile app, go to the Mobile Apps section of Aiir and tap "Stations" at the top. Select the station, and then the "Streams" tab. 

Enter the new low quality and high quality stream URLs in the boxes, and tap "Save changes".

There is no need to request an update for your app. The new stream URLs will take effect the time someone opens your app.


If you have an Alexa skill with us, please email us to update your streaming URL.

Anything else?

You may wish to consult with streaming aggregators such as TuneIn who may hold your current streaming URL. You can then discuss with them how you go about updating these details, as Aiir cannot do this for you directly.

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