Creating another website

If you signed up for our service via our website, you can easily create another website.
Head to the Admin section and scroll down until you see the "My Organisation" section. 
If you're an owner you'll see a link to Add a new website, change plans or cancel. If you're not an owner, click the "ask an owner" link to see who you can ask for help with this.
From here, simply click the button to create a New Website. You can then select the plan you require and how often you will be billed and you're website will be ready within minutes.

There are benefits to having multiple sites linked together. It means your one Aiir user account can easily flip between your sites, and you can share content across them too.

If you did not sign up for our service via our website, but would like another website and have it linked to your existing account, contact us and we can help you with that.

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