Custom modifications or integration of third party SDKs

Aiir's website content management system and mobile apps are provided "off the shelf" with some third-party integrations supported as well as the ability to include custom <head> and <body> HTML code from other services.

However, we cannot provide support with integrating third-party services with Aiir, beyond embedding custom code into your websites, players and apps:

Our station mobile apps all share an identical codebase which is the same for all our customers - the only differences are via data fed from our APIs, or through web pages loaded in the app. This allows us to be able to offer mobile apps at the advertised price.

For this reason, we're unable to support custom modifications for individual customers, or integrations with third-party SDKs, such as Facebook.

Other mobile app providers specialise in creating bespoke apps, but they come with an associated cost.

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