What cookies does Aiir set on websites?

If you use Aiir's content management system for your website, you may need to know about the cookies it sets, should you need to refer to them in the policies you write.

This page lists the cookies included with Aiir's CMS and explains what they do.

If your site does not use any of the features mentioned below, the cookies will not be set.

  • cookie_policy - If you have enabled Aiir's cookie banner for your website and a user dismisses it, this cookie is stored with a value of "1", so we know not to show them the banner again.

🙎🏻 Listener Club

  • club_s - This identifies a session when someone logs in to the listener club. It links a visitor's browser with their club account, so we know whose information to display.

📍 Locations

  • loc_pref - If your website lets a visitor select a location or their preferred station (or in some cases language), this cookie stores the ID of their preference.

🔊 Players

While not technically a cookie, we also set the following in HTML local storage:

  • player_volume - Set in our player if you change/set the audio volume, to store your preference, so it can be restored when you next open the player.

🎟️ Voucher Store

As of April 2024, this product has been discontinued and is no longer supported.

  • basketId - Set when you add items to your basket.
  • basketKey - a unique identifier for your basket.
  • voucher_client_sid - This is a session identifier when voucher clients log in to view the status of the vouchers you're selling for them.

If you embed scripts on your website, such as third-party analytics or advertising, they may set additional cookies not documented here.

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