How does Aiir serve customer websites?

We're occasionaly asked if we can do something technical for a customer, like upload a file to our web server, or change something in the ".htaccess" file.

We don't use a traditional web server at Aiir for customer websites, so these things are usually not possible.

We've built a way of serving our websites that makes them highly scalable, and easier for us to maintain.

  • We use AWS for all the tech behind our web services.
  • We don't use web servers, at least in the traditional sense i.e. ones we can see, access and maintain. Webpage requests don't use Amazon EC2s.
  • We primarily use AWS Lambda to power webpage requests, also known as serverless functions. We have no visibility of what actual underlying server is serving a webpage request.
  • We use a single codebase, in a single Lambda function. There isn't a separate codebase for each customer - every website runs through one system.
  • Nobody can FTP in - you or us. FTP doesn't exist for Lambda. There's no single server to upload anything to.
  • You can't upload files to a specific URL. There's no folder structure where you can place a file and expect to see it on a website. Everything has to be managed through our CMS.
  • There's no .htaccess file or similar. There isn't an Apache server, Nginx, etc.
  • Scaling up and down is not an issue. We don't have to replicate servers when we have higher traffic. Lambda takes care of scaling automatically.
  • We primarily store data in the Europe (Ireland) region.

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