Could you build a feature for us?

We don't offer a custom development service at Aiir.

Our products are generally "off the shelf", also known as turn-key.

Therefore we're unable to build specific features for individual customers, even if a customer is offering to pay for development.

We do however offer custom website design, with our pro package. You can contact our team to discuss your needs.

Why don't Aiir offer custom development?

We decided that, as a small team, our time is always best spent working on developing our products to the benefit of all our customers.

If we were to offer custom development, the time of our team would then be occupied by projects specifically for the few customers who are willing to pay for bespoke functionality.

Our overall service would then suffer, and the majority of our customers would then see a lack of progress in development.

We know this, because in the past we did offer custom development, so we know the pains it can cause.

Ultimately, we love building services that help all of our customers to grow and thrive, and we want to continue doing that for as long as we can.

What can I do if I want a custom feature building?

We're always interested to hear feedback from customers. You can get in touch with us and let us know your idea, or better still, take a look at the Suggestions section in our platform.

This is where our community of users can post ideas, see each others and discuss possible solutions. If your idea ends up being completed, you will be be notified.

But the feature I want would benefit other Aiir customers too!

We hear you. But almost all the features we add will benefit many customers, so this alone isn't a differentiator.

Product development is all about making decisions and trade-offs. Our customers have put their trust in us to make those decisions, and to continue to develop our products in the way we think works best for everyone.

Is there any other way?

If there's a feature you need, and we're not currently offering it, you may find the solution is out there, already being offered by a third party.

Often, third party services let you embed their functionality on your own website. So you're not necessarily constrained because Aiir hasn't built a feature into the platform.

If you find a service and they let you embed it into your webpage, but you're unsure how to do this exactly, get in touch with us and we'll see if we can point you in the right direction.

Is there any way I can see what Aiir is working on, or what's coming up on the roadmap?

We don't have a roadmap at Aiir, but you can learn about how we work in this blog post.

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