Why can't I reach my website, or why is my website down?

There are many reasons why you might not currently be able to reach your website. 

There's a problem with your domain registrar or DNS host

This is one of the most common reasons. 

The domain registrar is the company where your domain (e.g. mystation.com) is registered.

When you initially set your website up and went live, it's where you would have entered some details known as DNS records, to point your domain to your Aiir website.

You can check if your domain registrar could be the reason you're unable to reach your website by trying the staging URL for your website. This is the URL you use to browse your website before it goes live on your own domain, but it's still usable even when your website is live.

To find your staging URL, in Aiir go to Site Settings, select your site if prompted, then go to the "Domain and HTTPS" section. You'll then see a link at the top to try your website's staging URL.

If your staging URL works, then this confirms the problem is more likely to be with your domain registrar than Aiir.

You will need to find out who your domain registrar is and contact their support team.

If you don't know who the company is, or have the login details for their website, you will need to ask your colleagues for assistance.

It's quite rare but in some cases you may have chosen to host your DNS separately from where your domain is registered. In this case, you'll need to find out who your DNS host is. You may be using a service like Cloudflare.

Your SSL certificate has expired

If your website is showing an error message saying the "certificate is not valid" or that the "connection is not private" or similar, then your website's SSL certificate has expired.

You can find out more about this and how to resolve it in this separate FAQ guide.

It says "This website is currently unavailable."

This means your website has been suspended for billing reasons. Contact our support team if you're unsure why this is the case.

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