Changing my station's streaming provider to Aiir

If you already have a radio station with web streaming from another provider, switching to Aiir could prove easier and more cost-effective with no additional hardware or software required.

Find out more about Aiir's streaming service here.

This guide will walk you through the steps to make your migration to Aiir's streaming service as smooth as possible:

✋ Before you switch

  • Identify where your station's existing stream URL is being used, and where you want to ensure your station can still be heard going forward. This could include your website, mobile app, smart speaker skills, internet-connected radios, DAB multiplexes and third-party stream directories or players like TuneIn or Radioplayer.
  • Set up your encoding software to send audio to Aiir. Some encoders support multiple destinations or 'mount points' so your station can stream to Aiir and your previous streaming host simultaneously during the transition.
  • Plan your migration to Aiir. If your encoding software cannot send audio to multiple destinations, you could install an alternative like LiveStream on the same PC using the same audio input but sending it to your Aiir mount point. Alternatively, you will need to contact your station's various tech partners and inform them when you will start using the new streaming service to ensure they have the new stream URL.

    If you have an Aiir website, player, mobile app or Alexa skill, you can find out how to update your stream address here.

🔀 The switchover

  • If you can stream to Aiir and your previous provider simultaneously, you can go ahead and start replacing the station's old stream URL with the new one from Aiir (
  • If you cannot smoothly migrate from one provider to another, you will need to update your encoder settings to send your stream to Aiir and then update the various services to use your new stream URL as quickly as possible, ideally outside of peak listening times.

🎉 Once you're on Aiir

  • After you have updated your station's key services to use the new stream URL, you can close your old encoding software or stop it from trying to connect to your old provider. This may alert you to some services still using the old stream URL, which you can either update or if managed by a third party, inform listeners to tune in using a method your station can support.
  • Once you are happy nothing vital is still using the old stream URL, you can cancel your previous stream hosting service.

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