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Aiir supports integration with Google Analytics, both by making it easy to add the tracking code they provide, and also by providing a basic overview of statistics in the Web Analytics app.

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Linking your Google Analytics account with Aiir

This article relies on a third party service and was correct at the time of writing. If you think we might need to update it because Google have changed their service, let us know.

If you don't already have one, the first step is to create a Google Analytics account! We recommend ensuring you use a Google account which more than one member of your team can access, so if you're unavailable your colleagues can still reach the account.

Copy the tracking code from Google to Aiir

If you're setting up a new account, you'll need to go to the Admin section and create a new property. When you're asked to choose a platform, select 'web'. selecting the 'website' type. 

If you have an existing property, look for the Data Streams option in the property menu, then select the Web tab, and then select your website.

You should see a section labelled Tagging instructions, under which you'll see Global Site Tag (gtag.js). You'll need to copy and paste this code into a section in Aiir (see below).

Go to the Site Settings app (you'll need to have access to this on your account), then the Analytics Code section. Paste the code into the box. All being well, Google will now begin receiving data about your website visitors.

If you don't see Data Streams or the Tagging instructions section, you might need to upgrade your Google Analytics property. Follow Google's instructions to do this.

Authorizing Aiir to access your Google Analytics account

Our Web Analytics app lets you see a basic overview of some of the data collected in your Google Analytics account. If you're not interested in using this app, there's no need to complete this step. You'll always be able to log in to your Google Analytics account for complete access to the data and all of the tools they provide. Our service is not intended to compete with that.

Go to the Web Analytics app in the menu and you'll be asked to authorize your Google account with Aiir. This should be straight forward if you're already logged into the relevant Google account. 

Currently you may see a screen during authentication which says "This app isn't verified". Don't worry, this is because we're waiting for Google to approve our application for continuing to have access to analytics data in our platform.

In the mean time, please select "Advanced" and then "Go to aiir.com (unsafe)". On the next screen select "Allow".

Once you're done, Aiir will present you with a list of the website profiles in your analytics account. 

All users in your organisation who have access to the Web Analytics app will be able to see all of the data presented here. If there are profiles you don't wish to be available to Aiir users, you should transfer these to a different Google account.

Using the Web Analytics app

Once you've set up your tracking code and authorized Aiir to be able to access your Google Analytics account, the Web Analytics app can show you a simple overview of your website's statistics.

The first page lets you choose a website profile from the accounts you have added.

Once you have clicked through to a profile, you'll see a page of data and graphs. You can change the date range using the controls at the top. The data is pulled directly from Google at the time the page is loaded, and is not stored or manipulated by Aiir.

Integrating with other analytics software

We've integrated with Google Analytics, but there's nothing to stop you from using other analytics services if you'd like to.

When the service provides you with tracking code, you can paste it into the same place as you would for Google Analytics. This can be found in Site Settings, in the Analytics Code section.

Our Web Analytics tool only supports Google Analytics though, so you will need to use your choice of provider's control panel to access the data they provide.

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