Site Settings

The Site Settings app in Aiir lets you update various attributes of your website or mobile app.

Inside Site Settings you'll find these sections:

  • General Settings
    Your site name, time zone and day of the week to begin on
  • Title and Meta Tags
    Default page titles, meta description, Facebook IDs, and mobile app promotion banners
  • Head and Body HTML
    HTML that will be inserted into every page of your website
  • Analytics Code 
    Where to copy and paste your Google Analytics tracking code
  • Images and Icons
    Logo, favicon, images for when sharing to social networks and default cover art icon
  • Domain Name
    Set your website URL and enable it for launch
    Add an SSL certificate to your website
  • Section Templates
    Templates for app parts of your website
  • Social Network URLs
    Social network account URLs for inclusion in your website template
  • Terms and Policy
    Set the pages to use for your terms and conditions, privacy and cookie policy pages, plus enable a banner to warn of cookie usage
  • Share Buttons
    Options for the Facebook and Twitter share / like buttons that can appear at the bottom of pages
  • Listen Live Player
    Select the player to be used for listening to your station
  • Maps and Geocoding
    Register with Google Maps and add your API keys to enable maps
    Enable Google's reCAPTCHA service on forms to to protect from spam and abuse.
  • Files
    Create text files at specific URLs on your website.
  • Robots.txt
    Edit the robots.txt file
  • Ads.txt
    Edit the ads.txt and app-ads.txt files
  • Error Pages
    Colour settings for your website error page