You can change the way WebVT® operates for yourself as a user and there are various settings for the main administrator account.

You will find the settings in the Launcher which you access from the toolbar. It's the very first icon with the PlayoutONE logo on it.

What you see on the Launcher varies depending on your permissions, however, you will always see the Settings icon. See the Launcher section.

There are four sections in total, however, you may only see three if you're not logged in as the main administrator. You will also see a Help button, Change Password button and if you're logged in as administrator then the Update WebVT button.


Start recording microphone immediately

  • When this is on, your voicetrack recording will start right away, so everything from the point you click to record will be recorded and included in your voicetrack.
  • When this is off, your voicetrack won't be recorded until you've clicked to un-mute the microphone.

Record in stereo
Determines if your voicetrack should be recorded in stereo with a left and right channel. Depending on the browser you're using you may see some extra options:

  • In Chrome you just see this option, either on or off.
  • In Firefox when this option is on you will see extra settings appear next to it for downmixing or choosing which channel to use to record. So if you only have your audio input on the left channel then you can control this as you may have something else on the right channel. It totally depends on your hardware setup.

Single height rows
Useful if you only have a small resolution computer and want to see more items on the log and in the media finder. Turning this on puts the title and artist on the same row, helping to reduce the height of the rows.

Show Tooltips
Allows you to turn off the tooltips which appear when you hover over options, buttons and fields.

12 hour time AM/PM
Allows you to show time in the 12-hour time format appended with AM or PM, as opposed to the 24-hour time format.

Custom Pre-Roll
If you turn this on then you can override the default pre-roll setting of 10 seconds. The pre-roll is how far back the voicetrack recording starts from the end of the item prior to where the voicetrack is going.


LiveMIC Ducking
When you activate your microphone on LiveMIC and turn it on in order to speak, this determines how far the audio will be ducked so you can be heard. It's like moving the fader in the studio. This will duck the volume playing out of PlayoutONE in the studio.

Duck when LiveMIC activated
Turning this on allows the audio to duck in the studio automatically to the value you set in the setting above, as soon as your Microphone is turned on.

Choose Input / Microphone Device
Click this button to show the list of available devices which you can choose as your main device for recording and for LiveMIC. When you choose a device in here and click Select, in Firefox you will likely be prompted to allow Firefox access to that device, with only that device on the Firefox device list. In Chrome the device will simply be changed.

Note: If this button is disabled it means you haven't yet allowed the browser access to your devices. You allow access when you click the Segue Editor / Voicetrack Recorder icon on the toolbar as you're prompted. Denying access means you cannot record anything.

Triple Stack

Player 1,2 and 3
These options allow you to change how many seconds each of the players on the Triple Stack take to fade. You can set between 0 and 10. A setting of 0 ejects the player immediately with no fade.

This is to adjust the overall level of the Triple Stack. If you find it's too loud and drowning you out when you're trying to talk then you can adjust it down here. You can also raise the volume too if it's too quiet.

This is the volume the players lower to when you activate the Ducking on the Triple Stack. This is a button that is found next to the Show Triple Stack button.


This is the URL that the PlayoutONE Studio Monitor uses to access WebVT® functions including the LiveMIC engine. This is usually just your WebVT® URL e.g

Informational, however a new API Key can be generated by clicking the refresh button on the end of the field.

Voicetrack Next Note
On the voicetrack recorder / segue editor if you are using the Previous and Next buttons to locate where your links are supposed to go then this is what WebVT® looks for when searching. The function will only search notes in the log for an instance of the text you enter here. You can also enter just the beginning of a note, for example, 'voicetrack' will search any note beginning with 'voicetrack %%'


This will open up the online help system for WebVT®.

Change Password
Allows you to change your password.

Update WebVT®
Only available to administrators. This will run the update script which deploys the latest version of WebVT® to your system. This is a system-wide update for all users.

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