The Launcher is opened by clicking the PlayoutONE icon in the far left on the top toolbar and provides access to other features depending on your permissions.

Quick Keys

Shows the Quick Keys in a new browser window. See the Quick Keys section.

On-Air Controls

Shows the On-Air controls and glows white if they are already shown.

Multistation Select

Shows the pop-up to choose a multistation you wish to access.


The file cache for WebVT®. You can use this to remove any locally downloaded audio. It is automatically cleared every day. See the Cache section.

Note: This cache is not the browser cache. Clearing the WebVT® cache is not the same as clearing the browser cache.

Missing Copy

Allows you to generate a report which shows any missing copy. It opens a calendar which you can specify the range you want to check. See the Missing Copy section.

Schedule Report

Allows you to generate a report showing any discrepancies in the log. It opens a calendar where you can choose the day you want to get a report for. See the Schedule Report section.


Opens the WebVT® settings. See the Settings section.

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