On-Air Controls

The On-Air controls in WebVT® allow you to not only see what's happening with the studio play out but also to control it.

Note: You need your administrator to grant you permissions to be able to use the on air controls.

The controls come in two parts which include the LiveMIC system for live broadcasting via your browser. See the LiveMIC section.

For this part, we're looking at controlling the studio progress.

Current Progress & Time

The main portion of the controls is the current progress which is illustrated as a familiar progress bar which shows the current item playing and where it's up to. To the left of this, if you have the LiveMIC module open, you will see the date and time in the timezone as if you were in the studio. To the right of the progress bar is the time remaining on this item.

Note: You cannot skip through the current item with the mouse as you can in PlayoutONE on the player.


To the right of the current playing, you will see three buttons. They are:

Pressing this prompts you if you wish to continue. If you do, what happens is it puts the studio into live mode from full automation. It also red stops the current item to stop it continuing and also fades it out, bringing the whole system to a stop ready for you to press PlayNext to continue.

Auto / Chain
This button has two states, Auto (green) and Live (red). Left-clicking on this button toggles to automation state between Live and Auto. If you're in Live mode when you right-click it toggles the chain status of the current item.

Like pressing the play next button in the studio. Fades the current item and immediately starts playing the next item.

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