Clicks and Pops in recording

If you are experiencing issues with recording within WebVT then we invite you to try some of the steps below to see if things improve.

Browser Cache

Clearing the browsers cache can fix a lot of problems. Try the steps located here for your browser first


If you are using Google Chrome with WebVT then we suggest trying another browser such as Mozilla Firefox. At the time of writing this article, the latest version of Chrome (v89) introduced a security fix that appears to have broken recording for some users the ability to record audio cleanly. This is an issue that has been widely reported to Google worldwide and we hope that they address this issue quickly. Mozilla Firefox can be downloaded from here


If you are still having issues in Firefox then try using our test recorder which is located here. We recommend recording for at least 20 seconds and testing with and without using the Audio Worklet. This will tell you if you need to use Audio Worklet or not in Firefox. To turn on the Audio Worklet, go to Settings within WebVT>Audio Tab>Turn On Modern Audio Worklet.

Microsoft Edge

If you are still having issues in Firefox then some users have found Microsoft Edge browser solves some of the issues. Microsoft have a client for both Mac and Windows available here


Browsers are certainly more advanced then they used to be. In some cases, they are mini operating systems. With all of these great features comes a need for more performance. We strongly recommend you only have the WebVT Tab open when recording. If you need other tabs for prep, then try and keep them to a minimum. We also recommend that you close down any other applications on your PC/Mac. 

Audio Settings

If you are using a Windows PC, it may be that you need to alter your Recording sample rate. To do this:

- Click the Windows Start Menu and type 'sound'
- Choose 'Change System Sounds'
- Click 'Recording' Tab
- Right-click on your Microphone / Recording device and choose 'Properties'.
- Click the 'Advanced' tab
- Make sure the 'Default Format' is set to 16bit 44100
- Make sure the two boxes under 'Exclusive Mode' are unchecked
- Restart the device.


If after trying all of these suggestions you are still having issues, we recommend restarting your device. Once the device restarts, open up your Web Browser and make sure that any other programs are closed. If this doesn't work then do contact us and we can try and advise changing some further settings depending on your device.

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