LiveMIC Not Connecting

On occasion, PlayoutONE WebVT LiveMIC doesn't connect to the studio. This is usually due to an issue with PlayoutONE Studio Monitor, running on the On-Air PlayoutONE Pro PC.

Things To Check

Check if PlayoutONE Studio Monitor is running

The first thing to check is if PlayoutONE Studio Monitor is actually running. 

On your On-Air PlayoutONE Pro PC, you should be able to see Studio Monitor either in the task bar or system tray of Windows. The icon for Studio Monitor is a red circle with a white M inside it.

In the Windows taskbar, the icon will look like this:

Or if you've got Studio Monitor configured to minimize to the System Tray, it'll look like this inside the System Tray:

If you can't see Studio Monitor running then launch it by double-clicking on the icon on the desktop.

If Studio Monitor is running, then a fresh restart of the application is a good idea. Please close it, wait a few seconds and then open it again by double-clicking on the icon on the desktop.

Check if Studio Monitor is configured correctly

On the Settings screen of PlayoutONE Studio Monitor, check that the following is set correctly.

Monitor PC: This should be set to the PC name of the PC running PlayoutONE Monitor, usually your PlayoutONE Server. 
Station: The desired station should be selected from the drop down list.

Studio Monitor should be showing Connected and LiveMIC Active as in the screenshot below.

Finally, check there are no errors in the log display. You should be able to see a LiveMIC launched entry when Studio Monitor was last launched.

Now, click the WebVT LiveMIC button. 

Check you can access your WebVT on the PC running Studio Monitor by copying and pasting the WebVT URL into a web browser. 

Under LiveMIC Control, the status should show ready, the Studio (Send) and Presenter/Jock (Recieve) should be set to the correct soundcard devices and both be showing as ON.

Studio Monitor just says "Waiting"

If this is the case most probably your network/firewall is blocking a connection to one or more of the external services that are used for LiveMic, please ensure you are able to reach the following domains and ports:

Service Name Address
WebVT LiveMic Signalling Server
WebVT LiveMic STUN Server


If you're unsure of how to check the things outlined on this page or are still experiencing a problem connecting to WebVT LiveMIC then please contact us on

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