WebVT Self Signed SSL Certificate

PlayoutONE has moved over to a new domain name of WebVT.pro from WebVT.net that uses a self-signed certificate dedicated to your PlayoutONE server only. Despite a warning that your connection is not private, this is absolutely safe and not a security risk.

To do this, please follow the steps below.

For Station Owners / Engineers

1. Download onto your PlayoutONE Server the PlayoutONE WebVT SSL utility from this link

2. Run the utility.

3. Once run, you'll need to instruct users to follow the below instructions to log in to WebVT. Please send them this page.

For Users Logging Into WebVT

1. Clear your browser's cache by following the instructions here: https://support.aiir.com/article/588-clearing-browser-cache

2. Browse to your WebVT login page (e.g. https://stationname.webvt.pro:1079)

Google Chrome Users

3. If you see the following warning, click Advanced, and then click Proceed to get to the login page for Google Chrome

Firefox Users

3. If you see the following warning, click Advanced then click Accept Risk and Continue

If you are having issues after following this guide please contact support@playoutone.com

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