Music Data

The Music Data app in Aiir allows you to edit the data and matches made from your  now playing data.

This data is used to show artist bio information, album artwork and links to download the tracks.

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Matching data

For each song and artist we receive from your playout software, we automatically attempt to match it with a record in the  MusicBrainz database, which is a massive database of artist, album and track information used to populate your site with.

Within the Music Data app you can look at recently played songs and filter these by date and time played exactly like on your site's Playlist Search page. Alternatively, you can search for a specific song or artist.

At a glance you can also see via the  tick or cross whether Aiir was able to get artwork, iTunes links or a detailed artist page.

Artwork is used in places such as your Playlist Search, Now Playing section and in your Mobile Apps (if you have your apps with us), to show what track is currently playing.

iTunes links are used throughout the Playlist Search and detailed artist pages, to provide a way for visitors to your site to purchase the track they heard on your station. 

The detailed artist page is driven from the data Aiir retrieves from MusicBrainz. This page is accessed by clicking the artist name on your Playlist Search page and displays some or all of the following data depending on what is available for each artist:

  • Artist biography
  • Artist image
  • Albums, artwork and track listing
  • YouTube videos

Editing artist and track data

If you wish to change the artist or track information that is shown on your Playlist Search or Now Playing sections, simply find the artist or track you wish to edit by filtering or searching.

Once found, click  Amend artist / track data to open up the edit window. Any changes made here will be used again next time the artist or track is played so you don't have to make the same edits repeatedly.

iTunes Link is the location we send users to to allow them to purchase the tracks. This link generally takes the user to the iTunes store page for the album that the track sits on.

You can earn money from people purchasing tracks through your website; to learn more about this see the iTunes affiliate program article listed at the bottom of this page. 

Preview Link is the location to a 30 second preview audio file to allow the visitor to hear the track before they purchase it. Generally this should be an mp3 or m4a audio file.

Editing detailed artist pages

If you wish to change the page that an artist links to from your Playlist Search or Now Playing sections, simply find the artist you wish to edit by filtering or searching.

Once found, click  Link to detailed artist pageto open up the edit window. Changing the link here will also affect it anytime this artist is played, not just this artist / track combination.

If this artist already has a page linked to it, you can review the details of the current page and also view it on your website.

To change the page, use the form at the bottom to search MusicBrainz for a replacement. Once the MusicBrainz search is complete, you'll be able to select a new artist - we show you a selection of albums from the artist so you can confirm it's the correct one, particularly when there's multiple artists with the same name.

To save a new artist page, click  Link this page to ARTIST NAMEnext to the correct result from MusicBrainz.

Missing data

Some songs, particularly new or upcoming releases, may have missing artwork, iTunes links or no detailed artist page. Artwork or links can be corrected by following the steps above and manually adding the missing data.

Detailed artist pages are driven by data from the third party service MusicBrainz. If you've searched for a replacement artist page and could not find the desired result, the artist may need adding to MusicBrainz.

You can sign up for a free account at and submit or make edits to existing data. These submissions may not appear instantly within Aiir as it can take up to 24 hours for the data to become available to us.

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