People and Privileges

Sections of the Aiir platform are divided into 'apps', and the apps that are enabled for an organisation depends on the subscribed package or contract. People can then be given access to all the apps, or just selected apps.

There are three extra privileges a person can be given, which we'll cover in the following sections.

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Administrators have the following extra abilities:

  • They can add and remove people, and change what they can access.
  • They can assign the administrator privilege to others and take it away.
  • They can add and remove social accounts.
  • They automatically gain access to every app in the organisation.

Data Controller

Data Controllers have full access to the personal information of listeners who have submitted it either on your website or via Studio Inbox. They can access sections in Admin for reports and settings specifically relating to data control. 

Data Controllers can only be assigned by an owner.


Owners can only be assigned by other owners, or our support team in exceptional circumstances.

Owners can assign the data controller privilege to people in the organisation.

They're the ultimate admin in the organisation, and should ideally be kept to as few people as possible.

Adding and removing people and changing what they can access

Administrators can go to the Admin section where they'll find a section for adding and removing people from your organisation.

Once someone has joined Aiir, only they can change certain things on their account, like their name, email and password. As an administrator, you can select which apps they can use, and which sites and stations they have access to manage elements for. You can also choose to lock their access in Page Manager and Media Manager to specific folders.

If someone has lost their username or password, an administrator can easily send a link via email to that person, which they can use to instantly log back in and reset their password.

There's a section which lists everyone on the account in order of when they were last active. This allows you to easily audit who has access, and which accounts may no longer be required.

Adding someone new

To invite someone to Aiir, you'll need their name and email address. You should also choose which time zone and country they'll be working in - we use this to display relevant information in the platform.

Once you've invited them, they'll receive an email containing a link. They will be able to complete the rest of the process themselves, including picking a password. They'll be asked to agree to our terms and conditions, and given the opportunity to add an avatar.

You can then select which apps, sites, stations and social accounts they have access to. By default, they're given access to everything.

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