Setting up a spin-off/secondary station

Aiir makes it easy to set up multiple stations and players and include them on your existing website or mobile app. It's ideal for spin-off, pop-up and secondary radio stations for your brands.

Adding the Station

You should start by going to the Stations app in Aiir and creating it as a new station. There's no limit to the number of stations you can create.

As it's a new station, you may need to allow other users to access to it afterwards, through the Admin section of Aiir.

You can then complete everything else you can for your main station, such as creating a schedule or supplying now playing information.

On websites

Live Player

Once a station has been created, you'll be able to set up either a Live Player or a Radioplayer console for it. This can be done in their respective apps.

You don't have to use the same type of player for all of your stations. For example, if your main station is available on Radioplayer, but your second station is not eligible or does not have a license for it, you can use the Live Player app just for that station.

Make sure in the 'Stations' app you have selected the correct option for which player should be used for that station - Live Player, Radioplayer, or a link to a third party.

Including it on the template

You can link to a second station in a number of ways. This could be through your content - adding it to sectionals, the flipbook, or the navigation using a redirect, or directly into the site template using Template Builder.

A number of themes allow you to display a 'Second Listen Live button' as part of their main layout. These include Vivid, Out There, Cards and Seaview. You should check the Theme Settings in Template Builder to see if your theme supports this.

You can also showcase your secondary stream through Content Blocks. The 'Schedule' and 'Recently Played' content blocks both allow you to choose which station's information is displayed. 

The content block 'Listen Live: Multiple Stations' will let you include links to up to 8 different stations, with options to show what's playing now on each of them.

In mobile apps

Our mobile apps support adding multiple stations into the same app. You can do this by going to the ' Mobile Apps' section of Aiir.

To set up the station, go to the Stations tab.

To add it to an app, choose the app on the main page, and go to 'Add or Remove Stations'.

There is a maximum number of stations that you can add to each app, and this varies depending on your subscription. For small stations, the default limit is 1, for larger stations, the limit is 3. Your own agreement may vary, and you'll be able to see if you've reached your limit in the CMS when trying to add a station. 

If you've reached the maximum, you can easily purchase additional stations to increase the limit. Contact Aiir Support to arrange this. The latest pricing is available on

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