Live Player

We provide a simple live streaming player for your radio station, which you can customise in the Live Player app.

All you need to set up a player is your  live stream URL and colour scheme.

You can choose to prevent your player from being accessible outside of your country using the  geo-locking option, if that's necessary for music rights reasons.

The player supports two  advertising options, both fed from our Advertising system; an MPU, and a pre-roll audio or video ad.

You can create more than one player, if you'd like to  stream multiple stations from your website.

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Customising the player

The player can be customised using four colour options. Here's an example of how they change the look of the player.

Make sure the brand colour is suitable for white text to be sat on top of it.

If you have our legacy RadioFeed product enabled for your organisation, you can enable it to be shown instead of the On Air and Now Playing sections on the right-hand side.

Setting or updating the stream

To update the stream URL, head to the Live Player app, select the player you'd like to update, and paste the URL into the Stream URL field.

If it's not working, these points may help:

  • Make sure you've not pasted in another player's URL. To check, paste the URL directly into your browser's address bar - if it opens a player, this is not your stream URL. Ask your streaming provider for the correct URL to use.
  • We advise using an MP3 or AAC audio stream, for compatibility with most browsers and devices.
  • Streams which require Adobe Flash player will no longer work in most browsers.
  • Some streaming providers use playlist files for load balancing. If you paste in a URL ending with '.pls', the player will attempt to read the file and extract the first URL.
  • If you're still having problems getting your stream to work, speak to your streaming provider.

Stream issues

If you or your listeners are experiencing problems with your live stream, you should contact your streaming provider.

Aiir does not provide a streaming service, and we're unable to advise who you should contact.

Pre-roll Advertising

Live Player supports a pre-roll audio or video ad. This can be set up in our  Advertising app. When creating a new ad, under the 'type' field you'll see the choices for audio and video pre-roll ad types.

Some browsers may require the user to click a button before the pre-roll can begin.

Using a different player instead

If you prefer, you can choose to use a different player instead of our Live Player.

  • If Radioplayer is available in your country, we've completely integrated with their service and made it really easy to use the Radioplayer web console on your website. You'll need to start by contacting your local Radioplayer representative and enquire about joining.
  • You might decide to use a player hosted by a 3rd party, such as your streaming partner.

You can switch players by going to the Site Settings app (you need access to this on your account), and then the Listen Live Player section.