Why does the 'now playing' information on my website not update automatically?

We don't automatically update now playing information while a page is open, outside of the player.

We know that while listening to a radio station, it's crucial you always have updated information about the tracks playing, but on the rest of your website, it is unlikely that visitors will stay on a page watching and waiting for this information to change.

There are also considerable technical reasons why we don't offer this functionality.

To do so would mean either every browser holding open a connection to our servers while they have the page open, OR the page would have to regularly request this information from our servers every few seconds to see if it has changed.

Both of these methods require resources which makes them unviable, and also potentially wasteful when you consider that someone may no longer actually be looking at your webpage but may have it open on another tab/window or have left their computer/device altogether.

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