What should I do if the now playing information has stopped updating?

Go to the main menu in Aiir, select Stations, then next to the affected station tap the "Now Playing" button.

If you don't have access to this section or the relevant station, you'll need to ask an Administrator for a hand.

Tap the "What did Aiir receive last?" button at the top. For supported systems, we'll show you the last thing we received from you and when. This should help you conclude if the issue is at your end or ours.

For systems where we regularly make requests to fetch the information (known as 'polling'), if we encounter a problem, after 10 attempts we'll stop making further requests.

In this case, you'll see a red box on this page with further information. If you're confident the problem has been resolved, tap "I've resolved this" and our system will resume fetching the information within a couple of minutes.

If you're confident the problem isn't at your end after checking these things, contact us and we'll investigate.

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