Photo Albums

The Photo Albums app in Aiir lets you create and manage galleries of images for your websites and mobile apps.

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Creating a photo album

When you create a new photo album, a  folder in Media Manager is automatically created too.
The album and the folder are associated with each other, so adding a new image to the album will place it into the corresponding folder.

This means that you can add images directly to the folder in Media Manager if you prefer, rather than opening the Photo Albums app. However the only way to  change the order of the images is by dragging and dropping in the Photo Albums app. 

The Photo Albums app makes it easy to give each image a name and caption which will appear alongside the image when viewed on your website or mobile app.

You can choose one image to be the cover image (thumbnail) of the album; this is the image which represents the album on the index page.


The easiest way to insert a photo album into a page is in the page editor (via Page Manager). While editing a page, click the + icon at the top and select Photo Album. You'll be able to create a new one or insert an existing one.

Adding an album to a station

Each album can be added to one or more stations. You can do this when you create an album, or at any time later by going to the "Settings" section of an album.

Once an album is linked with a station, only people who have been given access to that station will be able to edit or delete it.

To add or remove albums on each station, go to the Stations section of the Photo Albums app.

You can change the order they appear on your website or mobile app. You can also toggle the visibility of an album. A hidden album is still accessible on your website, but it doesn't appear on the photo albums index page.


If your website has Localisation enabled, you can choose which albums should appear to a visitor depending on their location preference.

Upload To Facebook

You can upload your photo album directly to Facebook from Aiir, so it appears on your station's Facebook page.

A Facebook account or page must have already been added in the Social Accounts tool. 

You should first add all the images you need to your album. If you were to upload a second time, it would create another album on Facebook containing all the images.

Your album will be uploaded to Facebook in the background, so you can continue your work rather than waiting for the process to complete.

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