How do I create ads.txt?

If you need to create an ads.txt or app-ads.txt file, follow these instructions.

You need to have been given access to the relevant site, and the Site Settings app. Ask an Administrator for a hand, if you don't have the access you require.

  • In Aiir, go to the main menu and select Site Settings
  • If prompted, select the site you'd like to create the file for
  • Select "Files" from the side menu (on desktop) or top menu (on mobile)
  • Tap "New File"
  • For the filename, enter either ads.txt or app-ads.txt
  • Paste the content into the "Content" field
  • All other fields can be left as they are by default
  • Tap "Create file"

Visit the IAB for more information about ads.txt and app-ads.txt and how they should be used.

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