Updating your subscription plan or billing frequency

If you signed up for our service via our website, you can update your subscriptions plan or how often you are billed at any time.

Head to the Admin section and scroll down until you see the "My Organisation" section. 

If you're an owner you'll see a link to Add a new website, change plans or cancel. If you're not an owner, click the "ask an owner" link to see who you can ask for help with this.

When you change your subscription plan, the change is immediate so you will automatically gain or lose access to certain apps depending on whether you are upgrading or downgrading. Your next invoice may also be prorated to account for the change in price.

When changing billing frequency between monthly and annual, as with changing your plan, you may find your next invoice is prorated to account for the change in frequency. In some situations, you may find that your card is charged instantly a prorated amount.

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