Options Tab

Within the Options tab, you can set miscellaneous options relating to the audio item in PlayoutONE.


Under the General heading you can set the following information:

Setting Description
AutoDJ Can this item be scheduled in the playlist by AutoDJ?
Set Pitch The pitch that the item will be played back at. Set to 0.00% for normal playback.
Ignore Daypart on player Enable this to allow the item to be played manually even if it breaks dayparting rules.
Alert if the item has expired Enables an alert to be triggered if this item is scheduled, but expired. You can specify how much in advance to trigger that alert.
Alow Synchronisation Enables this item to be synchronised through PlayoutONE Synchroniser
Split Item Play this item as a split, rather than directly

Override Colours

If you wish the item to have custom colours to the default ones for its type, enable this setting. You can then set the background and text colours.


Various information about the item is displayed under this heading, such as Last Edited and what the Original Filename was.

File Path

At the bottom of the Options tab, the full file path of this item is displayed. You can change the file path by clicking on the folder icon and browsing to the new file.

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