PlayoutONE Print Margins

Some users may find that when they print their playlist or audio list from PlayoutONE that the margins hug the edge of the print out too much.

PlayoutONE leverages a web browser component to make printing tables and data a lot easier, and the way we need it to be. This does mean that sometimes, because the browsing capability is tied into Internet Explorer, then it can be affected by some of its settings.

If you do find the margins are tighter than you want, you need to find Internet Explorer on your PC. This is usually in C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe

If you run it then click the settings cog:

You will be presented with a popup menu, from which you need to select "Print" and then "Page setup..."

You will then be given the Print Setup window. You need to ensure the Margins are set to something like 10 rather than 0 as you may find. Once you have done this then you should find PlayoutONE prints a lot better.

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