Adding a Command to a Cart

Sometimes you will need to create a Pre-defined Command within PlayoutONE that can be scheduled by your music scheduling software. This is achieved by creating a Pre-Defined command within PlayoutONE and then attaching it to a cart. You can then schedule the carts UID with the command attached to it. 

Create The Command

From within PlayoutONE open the commands menu and create your command.

Creating The Cart

  • Create a new blank cart in PlayoutONE.
  • Click AutoID to pick the next UID from within the database (or type something in manually)
  • Give the cart a Title.
  • Set Type to Command
  • Go to the Commands Tab
  • Select the Pre-defined command you made in the first part of this article from the Pre-defined drop down.
  • Tick the radio button next to it.
  • Click Save

Schedule The Cart

You've now attached the pre-defined command to a cart in PlayoutONE. This can now be scheduled by your music scheduling software by scheduling the UID.

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