Making The News Play Over A Bed

Sometimes you may wish a news element to play over a bed. The following article explains how to do this.

Note: Whilst PlayoutONE can duck your bed for you automatically, the easiest way to make sure your bed doesn't drown out by your element is to have your bed pre-ducked before you import it into PlayoutONE.

The Bed

  • Import your Bed into PlayoutONE. 
  • Set the Extro on the bed where you want the News element to begin playing. For example, If your bed has a 6-second sponsor credit then we will place the extro after the sponsor credit at 6 seconds.
  • Make sure the Fade checkbox is not checked.


Make sure the Bed is scheduled before the News element. 

Once PlayoutONE comes to play these items, it will play the bed, then (in this example) after 6 seconds play the news element. Because the bed isn't set to fade, the bed will continue to play whilst the News Element plays. Once the news element has finished, the next item in the playlist will be played, and at this point (if not already) the bed will be faded automatically.

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