Re-Broadcasting Audio From The Input On The Soundcard

There may be a scenario where you wish for PlayoutONE to take an external audio feed via an input on your sound card. Such scenarios could be taking News on the hour or a feed from a satellite. 

Setting Up The Source

Plugin your external source to an input on your sound card. For onboard sound cards, this would generally be the Line In port.

Configure Windows

Access the sound device control panel in windows.

Search in windows for Sound. Click and you should see the Sound Control panel below.

Next, select the Recording tab.

Right-click on your chosen input device where your external source is plugged in and choose Properties.

Select the Listen tab and tick Listen to this Device and choose an output device to listen to it on.
This would usually be an output that a Player in PlayoutONE is configured to use.
Click OK, and close the sound control panel. You will now start to hear the input coming through the output.

Configure PlayoutONE

Open the PlayoutONE settings and click the Hardware tab. 

Next to the Mic Mute Device, select the input where your external source is plugged in (In the example above we chose Microphone). 

Once this is selected you should be able to check the muting by clicking the Mute Test box. When the box is ticked you shouldn't hear the external source through your output. When the box isn't ticked you should hear the external source. What we are doing here is effectively muting and unmuting it. Now that this is configured, you can make PlayoutONE UnMute & Mute by inserting the Live Mute On and Live Mute Off commands into the log.

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