Moving PlayoutONE Standard To A New PC

Transferring PlayoutONE Standard and keeping all your data can be a daunting task, however, if you follow these steps you'll be up and running in no time.

On The New Computer

1. Install PlayoutONE

2. Open PlayoutONE and click 'Trial'

3. Follow prompts to create a new PlayoutONE Database.

4. Once PlayoutONE opens on the new computer close it.

On The Old Computer

5. Copy your "C:\PlayoutONE\Data" folder to the exact same location on the new computer.

6. Go to "C:\PlayoutONE\SQL_Configuration" and run the  PlayoutONESQLDatbaseTool.exe

7. Choose Backup Database and select PlayoutONE_Standard from the database drop-down box. This will create a backup in "C:\MSQL\PlayoutONE.Backups". Copy this file to the desktop on the new computer. 

8. Finally, go into Settings on PlayoutONE, click the license button, and choose reset license. This will reset your license so the new PC can be licensed using your existing license code. Please note, once this is done, PlayoutONE will close and so have audio from another source playing.

On The New Computer

9. Go to "C:\PlayoutONE\SQL_Configuration" and open  PlayoutONESQLDatbaseTool.exe

10. This time choose Restore Database. Select PlayoutONE_Standard from the database drop-down box and select the backup file you copied from the previous machine in Step 7 from your desktop. 

11. Follow all prompts including the confirmation to overwrite the existing PlayoutONE_Standard database.

12. Once database restore has completed, open PlayoutONE and enter your license details. 

13. Go to settings in PlayoutONE and confirm your audio and playlist folder are correctly mapped to the new computer.

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