The RadioEPG app in Aiir lets you manage your station's presence on devices which use this international standard for sharing information about radio stations.

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What is RadioEPG?

RadioEPG, part of the RadioDNS hybrid radio project, is a standard way to provide information about your station to internet connected devices. 
You can manage basic details like your name, description, logo, links and contact information. 
It also enables your service to be discovered easier, using genre and keywords, and for devices to switch between different ways of delivery, such as online, FM and DAB. 

Creating a service

A service represents your station. The data you enter for service is known as Service Information, or  SI for short. You should complete as much of the SI page as possible. Some sections, such as Bearers may required consulting your station engineer to obtain broadcast parameters.

The last option on the page is to choose a  Schedule. This is because in addition to SI, we also automatically generate PI or Programme Information for each service. PI contains the programme schedule for your station, so devices can display this in their interface if they choose to.

Submitting your data

Your SI data is held in a file by Aiir. However, until you notify  RadioDNS that we hold this data, devices and applications will not know where to find it. That's where RadioDNS comes in; their server acts as the middle-man, and is where devices will look to find out where to go next for your information.

We've made the submission process incredibly easy, by creating a section which prepares an email and sends it on your behalf to RadioDNS.
The team at RadioDNS will then check your details and update their records to complete the process. You should receive an email from them to confirm this.

Notifying RadioDNS only needs to be done once per service, unless the parameters for your broadcast change, for example you add DAB transmission.
You can then update any other aspects of your SI, such as adding logos or changing the description, any time without notifying RadioDNS again.