Aiir makes it easy to manage news content on your website and mobile apps with our dedicated News app.

The layout of pages is taken care of, articles are automatically archived, and there's easy integration with third parties.

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All articles have to be created in a category, so to get started you'll need to create your first category.

The Categories section lets you manage the categories you have and change the order they appear on the news index page on your website.

There are three category types. They are:

When you select a type (local is selected by default) the options will change accordingly.

From the list of categories, tap the icon that looks like a page to add content to the top of the category's web page.

You can't currently add news articles to more than one category.

Creating news articles

Before you can create a news article, make sure you've created a category.

The first section of the News app shows you the active articles in each category. To change the order they appear on your website or in your mobile app, drag the handle at the side and then tap the Save Order button.

Every news article must have these properties completed: title, category, summary and content.


Articles have a status of either Publish or Draft. Draft articles will not appear on your website or mobile app. You can still preview them however, using the View Page button.

If an article is marked as a draft but scheduled to go live, it will not go live, and you must take it out of draft first.

Draft articles are coloured grey in the list of articles, so you can tell them apart.


Each article has a main image, which will be shown on index pages where it is linked to, and in the body of the article itself. If you like, you can serve different images to social networks when it's linked to from Facebook and Twitter. If you don't need to vary the image for those networks, there's no need to select the same image again. Pay attention to the size requirements though, to ensure the correct image is served as the thumbnail where you embed it.


Articles can be shared with other sites in an organisation. The sharing options are similar to other parts of Aiir, except you can also select the category which the article should belong to for each site, and the position it appears. Actions taken on shared articles, apply to all the sites it is shared with, for example archiving or deleting.

A shared article cannot be edited or deleted by users of other sites, nor can users of those sites remove it from any other site.


Archiving is an important concept of news articles. 

Archived articles are not removed from your website; they're no longer visible on the news index pages of your website or mobile app, but they can still be reached either directly (if you have the URL) or in search.

Without archiving, your news index page would grow indefinitely, so we automatically set an archive date when creating a new article. You can change the default period in the Settings section.

If you need to completely remove an article, you must delete it.

You can quickly archive any article by going to the Articles section, finding the article and tapping the archive icon on the left.

The Archive section lets you search and browse archived articles. To bring an article out of the archive, remove its archive date or set it to a date in the future.

How articles appear on your website

The news app takes care of the layout of elements of articles on your website. 

For example, the date the article is created appears at the top. However if you've set a start date/time for an article, we'll show that instead, so people can't see when you actually created it.

Alongside the date we add small social sharing buttons. 

If you choose to show the author of the article, that will appear below the date.

The summary appears next, followed by the body content of the article.

At the bottom of the article we include sharing buttons, links to other articles in the same category, and a comments section if you've enabled that. 

You can't change the order of any of these elements.

Showing news content from third party sources

Our News app is capable of including content from third party sources.

Read more about how this works.

Contact us if you're interested in adding a third party source to your website.

Once this is set up the External section in the News app will show you the stories that have been imported, and the option to hide a story.

Feeding your news content in via third party software

We've built support for the following third party software products, so that you can push your news content from their product to our platform.

Myriad News

Myriad News supports publishing articles directly to Aiir, marking them as a draft, ready for you to publish once you have checked them over and added further attributes.

More information is available in the Settings section under Integration. You should contact your support representative at  P Squared to find out more about this feature.