Kill Date Files

To import a Kill Date File (also known as deletion list) from your traffic software follow steps below:

1. Open the file sent from your traffic program in Excel and ensure that the columns have headers. If no headers are present you'll need to add some in.

2. Find the column header for the Cart Number and make sure its header is labelled UID.

3. Save the file in CSV or Tab Delimited format. You'll need to make sure you choose the same format that your traffic log is formatted in otherwise a new Auto Importer group will be required to be setup when you get to stage 5.

4. Make sure the file extension is .kill (e.g. JuneDeleteList.kill)

5. Copy the .kill file into your traffic import folder. If you are using different formatting from your traffic file then create a new Auto Importer profile for music and traffic and set the delimiter to match the format you specified in step 3.

6. Auto Importer will then show the status of the kill job. Kill Dates are added at the end of the next day, at which point the carts will then be deleted.

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