Port Numbers

Below is a list of port numbers used by the PlayoutONE Suite

Application Service Port Protocol
PlayoutONE Api 7013 TCP
Api 7011 UDP
PlayoutONE Data Controller
7003 TCP
PlayoutONE Split Master
7002 TCP
PlayoutONE HTTP Server
81 TCP
PlayoutONE WebVT® Quickeys 7020 UDP
Auto Importer Socket Server 1063 TCP
Monitor License Server
1072 TCP
Monitor Audio Level Server (In)
41001-10 TCP
Monitor TCP Server 1073 TCP
Monitor HTTP Server
1071 TCP
Monitor Metadata HTTP Server 1075 HTTP
Monitor Audio Level Server (Out)
41001-10 UDP
FileCopy TCP Server
7006 TCP
FileCopy HTTP Server 8085 TCP
LiveStream MetaData
8083 TCP
LiveStream TCP Server 8050 TCP
Data Controller
TCP Server 8087 TCP
Data Controller
UDP Server 8088 UDP
Audio Router TCP Server 1074 TCP
WebVT Application Port 1079 TCP
Standby Server Service Application Port 1076 TCP

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