What is Auto Importer?

Auto Importer is part of the PlayoutONE suite of applications. Its main functions are:

  • Importing new audio files into PlayoutONE

    Example: Monitoring a folder on a PC for new music releases and importing into a specific category.

  • Update existing audio within PlayoutONE

    Example: Monitor a folder on a PC for the latest news bulletin and importing onto the new cart each hour

  • Import Music Logs from a variety of music schedulers

    Example: Importing a music log from MusicMaster, Music 1, PowerGold, Natural Music, GSelector, or Station Playlist.

  • Import and merge Traffic Logs from a variety of traffic schedulers

    Example: Importing a traffic log from Traffic1, Radio Traffic, Marketron, Natural Log, AdMaster.

  • Providing a two-way synchronisation with MusicMaster's Nexus server

    Example: When a new song is added within PlayoutONE, Auto Importer will talk directly to MusicMaster via the Nexus Server and insert the new addition into MusicMaster.

  • Merge two log files to be imported into PlayoutONE

    Example: Merging a production and music log to form one log that can be imported into PlayoutONE.

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