Changing Auto Importer settings

This guide will walk you through the various options for configuring Auto Importer.

💾 Database

SQL server settings

Server The location of your PlayoutONE SQL server. (The default is 'localhost\p1sqlexpress')
Username The username which will be used to login to your SQL server. (The default is 'playoutone_apps')
Password The password for your database user. (Contact Aiir Support for the default password)
Database The name of your PlayoutONE SQL database. (The default is 'playoutone_standard')

⚙️ Settings


Enable Nexus debugging Include Nexus communications in the debug log
Minimise to system tray Hides Auto Importer in the Windows system tray when minimised instead of the taskbar
Follow event log
Receive Synchroniser delete jobs
Enable multithreading Enables CPU multithreading
Import interval How many seconds between imports
Nexus port Port for PlayoutONE to communicate with Auto Importer for Nexus requests.
Clear all import progress Clears the progress of the imports.
File extension import override

Main audio format

Audio format Which file format should imported audio tracks use? (WAV, MP3 or FLAC)

✉️ Email

Enable Check to enable sending reports by email
SMTP / Send through Monitor Choose whether to define SMTP (email sending) settings specific to Auto Importer, or whether to use credentials already set up in Monitor
Server Your SMTP server, port number and SSL requirements
Username The SMTP username (usually the email address you want to send from)
Password The password for the associated SMTP user. This will likely be an app-specific password generated by your email provider.
From The email address to send messages from. This will usually be the same as the username, or a delegated inbox the user has permission to send as.
Description The sender name to display on emails sent via Auto Importer. By default, this will say 'Auto Importer' and the name of your station and PlayoutONE server.
Logo size How big your station logo should appear on email reports. The size is the width in pixels. By default, this is 150(px).

Many email providers now require app-specific passwords to send via SMTP. Find out more...

🔧 Maintenance

SQL commands can be sent from the Maintenance tab.

SQL commands can only be sent by Aiir's support team or authorised distribution and maintenance partners.

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