Auto-Importer - Settings Tab

SQL Server Settings

Server PlayoutONE SQL Server. Default is localhost\p1sqlexpress
Username PlayoutONE SQL Server Username. Default is playoutone_apps
Password PlayoutONE SQL Server Password. Contact PlayoutONE Support for the default password.
Database PlayoutONE SQL Database. Default is playoutone_standard

Other Settings

Check For New Files Duration Duration in seconds that Auto Importer will run each profile.
Follow Events Log When checked, the log file in Auto Importer will always display the latest event at the top of the log.


This is the default format that Auto Importer will convert all imported audio to. The options are WAV, FLAC and MP3


Enable Enables Email
SMTP / Send Through Monitor Send Through Monitor allows email credentials to be set within Monitor instead. Alternatively, SMTP details can be entered
SMTP Server & Port The SMTP mail server. The SMTP Port. Whether the SMTP Server requires SSL
SMTP Username The SMTP Username
SMTP Password The SMTP password
SMTP From The SMTP From Email. This is usually the SMTP Username if an email address.
SMTP Description The SMTP Name to display when sending the email. Recommended to be set to PlayoutONE Auto Importer
SMTP Logo SIze The Size of the Station Logo to show on the email. Default is 150


Clear All Import Progress Clears the progress of the Imports. Click this is you find your Imports are stuck.
Minimize To System Tray Hides Auto Importer into the Windows systems tray.
Manual SQL Command This is to be used by PlayoutONE Support only.


Communication Port Port for PlayoutONE to communicate with Auto Importer on for Nexus requests.
Enable Nexus Debugging Adds extra debugging into the debug log to show Nexus communication.

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