Multiple Files

The Multiple Files window can be called from the following sources:

  • File
  • FTP Download
  • Internet Download

The purpose of the Multiple Files window is to allow you to download multiple files from the selected source. 

Adding A New File

Slide the toggle button next to Filename to the on position. This will allow you to either type or select a file from within the source folder. 

Wildcards When enabled, you can specify any of the windows wildcards in the filename. For example, if you specified News *.mp3 then anything that began with News and was an MP3 would be considered a file of interest. You can also specify whether to ignore the case of the filename. This is needed for some FTP Servers that treat .MP3 and .mp3 separately for example.
Rename When checked, you can choose to rename the files of interest to a different filename. The renaming process will take place just before the file of interest is copied or moved to the destination folder. Meta Data can also be added to the file if it's being imported by PlayoutONE via Auto Importer. See metadata
Date Add See Date Add

Auto Number
When checked, this feature allows you to download multiple files without specifying them directly. For example, let's consider the following files as an interest:

AT40Part1.mp3, AT40Part2.mp3, AT40Part3.mp3, AT40Part4.mp3

You could add each file into the job list however this could be a lot of work if we needed to download many different segments. An easier way would be to use the Auto Numbering placeholders.

By replacing the number at the end of the file with {!} we can replace this each time with a new number. Here's how we do it.

The file of interest would be AT40Part{!}.mp3. The Auto Number Start would be 1 and the Auto Number End would be 4. This tells FileCopy to repeat the process 4 times swapping out the {!} for the digits 1,2,3 and 4 each time.

You can also use the {!} in the rename section also. To add leading zeros to the Auto Number just use {!!}. This would produce 01, 02, 09, 10 etc. {!!!} would produce 001, 002, 010 etc.

Once finished clicking the Add button will add the file into the job list table.

Click Save when finished.

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