Source Tab - Recording From Sound Card

Recording from a Sound card input can be very useful when you need to record a feed and then play it back at a later time in PlayoutONE. Once the recording has been recorded FileCopy will move the recording to a destination folder. This could be a folder Auto Importer is looking at, allowing the recorded file to be imported into PlayoutONE.

Capture Choose from an Input or Output device on the sound card.
Interface Directsound, WASAPI or ASIO may be chosen. WASAPI is recommended
Device Choose the device to record from
Asio Left / Right Choose the ASIO device left and right channels to record. 
Delay Recording Start Delay the recording start. As FileCopy starts jobs at the top of the minute, This can be useful if you need to start a recording at another interval.  For Example, if a recording is due to start on a satellite feed at 09:58:50, you would schedule the job to start at 09:58:00 and delay recording for 50 seconds.
Recording Duration The total duration that the recording should last for.
Export Choose to export the first or last sections of the recording only.
Start Recording When Sound Detected Only start the recording when sound is detected. This setting can be useful if you are not quite sure when the recording may start. If this setting is enabled then Recording Duration will be disabled.
Safety Net Timer This setting allows you to abort a recording if it hasn't started after a set duration. This setting is only available if you have enabled the Start Recording When Sound Detected option. 
Stop Recording When Sound No Longer Detected When enabled, this setting will stop the recording when audio has not been detected for more than 10 seconds. If this setting is enabled then  Recording Duration will be disabled.
Stop Recording When Stop Command Received When enabled, this job will only be stopped when a Stop command is received. See FileCopy Commands.
If this setting is enabled then  Recording Duration will be disabled.
Record Continuously When enabled, as soon as this job has finished recording, it will begin recording again.
Record To Stream File When enabled, FileCopy will record to a designated filename. This then allows PlayoutONE to play the file whilst it is being recorded to via a Stream Play command

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