Source Tab - FTP Upload

Uploading files to an FTP server can be useful when you need to upload a file from PlayoutONE to be accessed by the outside world. An example of this is uploading the reconciliation file for the commercial play log every day so that the Traffic Director can run reconciliation wherever they are.

Server The FTP Server
Port The FTP Port. By default, this is 21. If using Secure FTP then set to 22
Username The FTP Username
Password The FTP Password
FTP Folder The FTP folder on the server to upload files to. For example, httpdocs/www/uploads
Single File / All Files Choose between uploading a single folder or all files within a local folder.
Delete Files When checked, FileCopy will delete the file it uploads from the local folder.
File / Folder If Single File is selected then you will be able to select the file to upload.
If All Files is selected, then select the folder where the local files reside for uploading.
Rename When checked
Date Add See Date Add
Secure Uses the SFTP protocol to upload files.
Passive This setting is usually needed if you are sat behind a Firewall. If you get a connection error then try checking this.

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