The Media Finder is a list of every asset you have in your PlayoutONE library. 

The main Toolbar is the top section that allows you to carry out the major functions of this screen.

From left to right

Icon Function
Import individual audio files.
Import multiple audio files.
Edit the selected audio file.
Opens the mass changer.
Refreshes the media finder.
Preview the selected item.
Right-click plays the file, 10 secs from the end.
Left-click plays the file from the start.
Prints the current view in the media finder.
Shows the play history for the selected item.
Deletes the selected item from the database.
Filter the rotate UIDs you have in use.
Filter the media finder view by category.
Filter the media finder view by types.
Creates a new bookmark from the selected media finder view.
Searches the media finder for the specified terms.

Creating A Bookmark

Bookmarks allow you to save pre-defined Media Finder views so that you can call them back instantly at a later date. 

  • Filter the Media Finder based on the criteria you wish to save (e.g. Showing all Sweepers, All A-List Songs, All Abba Songs). To filter using the paperclip, and tag icon to select the categories and types you wish to show. Alternatively, you can filter just by entering a search term in the search bar. E.g. 'Abba' for all items that contain the word Abba.
  • Click the star icon on the Media Finder toolbar. This will open the Bookmark Manager
  • Find your new bookmark called 'New Bookmark' and double click to edit the title.
  • Set a colour from the left-hand side.
  • Click Save.

Deleting A Bookmark

  • Right-click on any bookmark and choose 'Bookmark Manager'
  • Once the bookmark manager opens, select the bookmark to delete and click the trash can icon.

Editing A Bookmark

  • Follow steps to create a new bookmark, but this time instead of clicking the Star, right-click on the bookmark you wish to edit and choose 'Save current view to bookmark'

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