If you wish to log your output you can turn on and even choose the days and hours you want to record. You can even split the recording into segments up to 60 minutes.

Daypart Grid

This grid allows you to choose which days and hours to record. By default, it should all be selected. A selected hour is denoted in green with a white tick. A blank hour means it isn't selected, and will not be recorded. You can click and drag on the grid to select/deselect a range of hours.

Log as file type

You can choose what type of file you would like to encode the logging as. The choices are MP3, AAC (M4A), OGG, OPUS or WAV.

Sample Rate

The sample rate you want to log in.

Bitrate (kbps)

The bitrate you want to log in.


Whether you wish to log in mono or stereo.

Enable logging into this folder and split...

Set the folder to take all the recorded log files. You set the folder by clicking the ... on the right of the folder field and if you wish to split up the files into anything smaller than 60 minutes then change the value in the field (default 60).

Logged files are given a name based on the date and time. You cannot change this, but the format of the file name is YYYYMMDD-HHMMSS which broken down is the first four characters are the year, the next two is the month, the next two are the day. Then after the - it's the hour in 24-hour format, the minute and the seconds.

So if it was encoding as an MP3 on the 31st December 2021 at twenty past 11 in the evening then the filename would be 20211231-112000.mp3

Delete log files after...

Turn this option on to clear out log files after the number of days you set in the field.

Log Without DSP/VST

If you don't want the processing applied to the logging then choose this option. This is ideal if you want to use the recorded audio for playback again on air, preventing double processing.

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